Sportsbetting Poker Bonus Code and Promotions: 100% up to $2,500!

How Do I Clear the Bonus?

The Sportsbetting 100% up to $2,500 poker bonus is paid out to the tune of $5 for every 1,500 comp points you collect. Thus, to earn the whole $2,500 sum, you must accrue 750,000 comp points.

Comp points are earned at a rate of 1 per $0.01 in rake contributed in the ring games. In tournaments and sit-n-goes, it’s 100 points per $1 in fees paid. You don’t get any points for tourneys with fees of less than $1, and all fee amounts are rounded down to the nearest dollar for the purposes of calculating comp points.

In cash games, the NEWSB bonus is worth 33% rakeback because you’ll score a $5 bonus payment for every $15 you rake. You may wish to explore the fast-fold Boost tables because they will really let you ramp up the speed at which you see hands, which in turn will increase the rate at which the bonus cash is delivered to you.

In sit n’ gos and tournaments, this bonus is worth a maximum of 33% rakeback although the phenomenon of rounded-down tournament fees and some contests not even awarding any comp points means your actual rate of return may be a bit less. One unique wrinkle to the bonus algorithms at is that Windfall lottery sit-n-goes seem to be immune to this rounding-down phenomenon. That is, you’ll earn points in Windfall on every cent raked even if the total fee is less than $1.

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