Americas Cardroom Bonus Code and Promotions: 100% up to $1,000

Clearing the Americas Cardroom Bonus

In order to earn out the ACR bonus monies, you need to accrue 27.5 Award Points for every $1 in bonus cash. If you claimed the maximum allowed $1,000 bonus, you would need to therefore gather 27,500 APs. You only have 60 days to clear as much of the bonus as you can – at the end of this time, any unreleased parts of the bonus will expire.

How do I Get Award Points?

The process of amassing Award Points is simple. You get 5.5 of them for every $1 in rake you contribute or tourney fees you pay. The issuance of Award Points is fractional, so you’ll still get some points even if you rake less than $1 in a hand or pay a tournament fee of below $1.

Because it takes 27.5 APs to gain $1 of bonus and each $1 or rake is worth 5.5 APs, the rakeback equivalence of this bonus is identical to (5.5/27.5) = 20% rakeback.

Tracking Your Bonus Payments

Americas Cardroom puts the power of bonuses in your hands. It’s a trivial matter to see where you stand bonus-wise; just go to the “Rewards” menu item at the top of the lobby, and then browse over to “Bonuses.”

You’ll be able to see all your bonuses, current and past, as well as your progress toward clearing them. Any unredeemed bonus monies that you have reached the requirements for will be listed. Press the green “Redeem” button to translate them immediately into real money. You can perform your own bonus payments as long as there’s $1 waiting for you to collect, but you can also let the pending sum accumulate a bit before you request it.

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